You have several options to assist you in searching our catalog:

  • “Product Name” – Simply start typing the chemical name into the search field and our database will begin to generate a list based on what you type.
  • “Chemical Formula” - Typing in the first few letters of the formula will compile a list to help you narrow down the search.
  • “Code Number” - If you already know Noah's code number and use this option, entering the code number into the search field will directly bring up that product identified to that number.
  • “CAS Number” - By putting in the chemical abstract number into the search field a list will be generated to match the CAS number given. If only a partial number is entered, a list will generate for any product that matches the partial number.
  • “Letter” – This is our wildcard and broader search option. This method of search is done by clicking on the letter of the alphabet shown and any product beginning with that letter will be shown in alphabetical order.

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