To all of our beloved friends, family, and customers that feel like both,

The health of everyone connected to Noah Technologies whether customers or employees is of utmost importance to us. We are not panicking, but we are also not taking lightly the severity and potential impact of COVID-19.

We are singing our 20-second hand-washing songs, sanitizing everything from silverware to staplers, and trying desperately to remember not to touch our faces (did anyone else not realize how often they do that until someone told them not to?). But Noah Tech is marching on. We’re still selling and shipping and manufacturing. So, for all intents and purposes it’s business as usual over here. The Noah Tech website and our offices will remain operational accepting orders and helping our customers.

We know a lot of people are staying home until the madness dies down, and we don’t blame you. We invite you to join us in the Noah Tech Facebook group where we’ll likely be spending some extra time interacting with our amazing community during this period of self-isolation, because well, it can be isolating.

Things will be different for a while, for all of us, we can’t deny that, but we will face the challenge with faith and we will persevere. It’s what we do. Heck, it’s the story of our lives. You are our people, our family, and with faith as our compass, will navigate this unprecedented ordeal together.

Stay positive. Feel good. Wash your hands.

Warm Regards,

Noah Tech Team