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Noah Technologies’ products serve industries from automotive to textiles, electronics to hazardous waste remediation, and more. Our extensive list of research chemicals can be manufactured to scale including specialty or custom chemical manufacturing.


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Chemical Insights From The Lab


People tend to go on their day to day lives, not knowing how chemistry has impacted so much in the society. Chemistry has shaped the world as we know it today. Chemicals are everywhere; you inhale it, you drink it and eat it. Our lives revolve around chemicals. There are those that are harmful, and there are those that are not. Both harmless and harmful ones can be exploited to bring in something useful. In the modern world, scientists have discovered ways of improving our lives by using Applied Chemistry.


Raw materials are the foundation of the world’s manufacturing industry. As markets continue to grow, the extent to which manufacturers can obtain and afford raw materials will drastically impact their overall success. Increasing resource productivity is the single biggest key to sustainability for many of the world’s leading manufacturing brands.

What can manufacturers do to increase the productivity of their raw materials? The answer starts with planning. Optimizing the supply circle is about so much more than cheap goods and upstream suppliers; it’s a holistic process that prioritizes areas of high-impact within the business, namely, the quality of raw materials.